Well, Sony have done it again. They’re shooting themselves in the foot. They’re about to launch the new PS Vita in Europe.

My only question is why? For a start it’s going to be a whopping £229. That’s beyond Xbox 360 and PS3 territory. Then, who is is really aimed at? Well, these guys reckon the hardcore gaming community. Hmmm, aren’t they already playing on their consoles and PCs?

And then, Sony being Sony, they’re going to release games on a (nother) proprietary format card. Presumably to stop those naughty hardcore games from copying them. When will Sony learn that all their DRM efforts are ultimately damaging their business?

Well, at least there’s going to be lots of games to choose from. Er….no. It looks like it’s going to be release with a huge 30 game repository.

So, all in all, I’d stick with your consoles, PCs, smartphones, DS, iPod touches or any other myriad of devices you can play games on.

Good luck Sony and…

Hasta la vista Vita.