Well, I don’t, but the government certainly thinks it has the right to.  They’re about to pass laws that lets them monitor all internet and email traffic in real-time.

I would be worried, but for the fact that the government is notoriously bad at anything to do with IT.  I mean, look at all the botched NHS projects, national id cards etc.

This looks like another waste of tax payers money and what do they think they’ll achieve with this?  Knowledge is money as they say, and I can only think they’ll try to monetise this somehow.

I also doubt they have the expertise to pull this off, so they’ll no doubt outsource this to one of their crony third-party tech companies that have hardly shown great skills in the past.

Lets now wait for all the false arrests, police, politicians et al abusing the system and the whole thing being scrapped a few years down the line.