Here’s a Windows Phone 7 that I own and can thoroughly recommend. The screen is gorgeous and even iPhone people I’ve shown it to have been jealous.And it’s about £100 cheaper than when I bought it, fresh off the press. Can’t what for Windows 8 on the phone to see what goodies that’s gonna bring. The best thing for me is that I can do .Net programming for it. So I’ll hopefully develop and make some money through that.

And the laptop I use

This is because of the amazing screen, it’s 1080P which I really needed for doing development with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 as I can see more lines of code with it. I searched for a long time to find anything beyond the 768 pixels and for a decent price.Feel sick now, as I’ve just seen the price at £500 when I paid £799.The only downside to this laptop is that the battery life is pretty crap, usually lasts me about an hour, can sometimes eek a little more out of it with power savings on. Tethered, a fantastic machine, definitely a desktop replacement.My daily commute is now less dull with a present from my wife a couple of Christmases a go

This is a God send. I really didn’t know how much I would use this, as I used to do a lot of programming on the train. Not only is this infinitely more portable, but I find time to expand my mind in ways I never thought of before.

I read a lot of popular science books and obviously programming books, but a while ago, I thought there must be more to life than commuting and endlessly looking for work in a downturn. I freelance, so I’m usually looking for work every 12 months or so. Although I earn good money, when I stop, so does the income.The book that got me started doing this website (as a start) was the excellent Get Out While You can by George Marshall. Which I purchased through the kindle store on the train to work. Ok, so I have the 3G version.